I remember the very moment I first laid eyes on these beautiful girls.  As Dave lifted Charlotte from the car, my heart skipped a beat, that blonde hair, those blue eyes, she reminded me of a cabbage patch baby, and of course when Kate unbuckled Matilda and brought her out of the car, I just kind of felt like all of my photographer Christmases came at once!  TWO perfectly beautiful babies with rolls and smiles. That day we were shooting sunset mini sessions down on the beach and straight up I just knew these guys were the real deal, you know the down to earth, no fuss, all about family and fun and living life kinds of people - genuine, MY kind of people, with the extra bonus for this photographer of being a ridiculously good looking family.

Right away, Kate and I kind of clicked, she became a massive and instant supporter of my business, promoting me at every turn, BELIEVING in me and in turn reminding me to believe in myself.  I don't know that she is quite aware of just how much that means, of just how much my business is grown from my heart and soul and how her constant words of encouragement, shares and likes just honestly mean the world.  

But its more than that, it's just the way she and Dave are, they're just fun, kind and good hearted people whose world revolves very much around their beautiful, joy filled girls.  

And so, it has been nothing short of an honor being able to spend an afternoon in their beautiful home, watching them connect, play, share, and LAUGH, my God do they all laugh so much.  That right there is the way life should be, you know, just full of the good stuff. They let me into their home, welcomed me into the real honest to God moments of their day, chasing two beautiful little people, juggling life and relationship and nappies and dinner and baths and fights and tears and tantrums and relishing in the most magical of simple real moments that will pass before they even realise... It won't always be this way, one day soon the girls will be grown, things will slow down a little, change... and all of this will be just a memory... One day, the girls will look back on these photos and feel the love as they see how every inch of their home was crafted around their existence, they will look back and see the pure joy and love that fills every corner of their space, how they are truly every part of Kate and Dave's world. 

They don't know it yet, but these are the moments that build the foundations for the most special relationship they will ever know, that of sisterhood.  While today, they fight over the toothbrush with the most paste still on it, or who gets which doll stroller, or how much of the chalkboard belongs to who, infinite tomorrows will bring about nights of nursing one another through broken hearts, sharing secrets, laughing until the wee hours of the morning, being one anothers' biggest cheerleaders in life and love and dreams, and always, always being the very best of friends.  

Sisterhood is the most magical of bonds.  

They are so lucky to have one another, to be growing up so close in such a love filled home with beautiful, giving, attentive parents who will guide them always in the right direction.  While today they will cry that Dad brushes their hair after their bath, one day they will treasure having a father who gave them so much of his time, for the simplest of moments, that will come to mean OH SO much more.  They will always remember the warmth of Mum's arms, and heart.  They will look back and see Charlotte's enthusiasm and curiosity and this wisdom and need for solitude that is kind of beyond her years, the way she watches everything intently, draws it in... They will see Matilda's comfortable presence in life, the way she moves with the ebb and flow of it all, just going about her day with such ease.  They are beautiful unique individual souls and Kate and David juggle it all like magicians and heroes, embracing the chaos, the REAL.

These moments, right here, the real deal, its all the stuff that will count in time, between these walls where they are nurtured, loved, and treasured, where memories and bonds are created.  Kate and Dave, I hope you look at these and see yourself as you are - just nailing this thing crazy beautiful hectic emotional ride called parenthood.