Once upon a time I came across a painting by Charmaine Olivia, on which she scratched the words,

You never have to show this to anyone

There was something freeing in that statement, that note to self that I imagine took the pressure away from her to create something FOR anyone... but instead to just simply create.

and I heard those words like whispers to my soul, over and over as I struggled with my innate fear of shooting film, of shooting movement, and more so of combining the two... to shoot what I envision, just for me.

I packed two old film bodies and boxes of both black and white, and colour film into my bag with my gear and took them along to every shoot... I said nothing, and as the moment felt right, just as I would switch lenses, I would switch cameras, and I would capture just a few frames, no pressure, no expectations, shooting to capture nothing beyond the emotion I felt within myself, within those moments.

Oh, how excited and nervous I was to receive back the scans for my first rolls of film, there is an honesty in these images, that just speak to me.