I have my clients complete a questionnaire leading up to their session.

I ask them little questions about who they are and what they love... to help me learn a little about them... and which moments and details are important to them in order to capture their true essence.

When Jade completed her questionnaire about her little family, not only was she brimming with love for her gorgeous little bundle, Harry... But also the love for her husband.

She told me that they loved one another even more since Harry had entered their world, and OH MY! the glances they share with one another, and then with their most treasured little creation was such a testament to her words.  Their true essence IS all-encompassing LOVE!

This vibrant, delicious little man is in the hands and hearts of two of the gentlest, positive souls I have had the pleasure of meeting.  He is blessed and adored beyond measure.

It has taken me months to bring Harry to the blog,  so I will delay his adorable presence no further with my rambling... because everything here speaks for itself