Oh, the way my heart just melted a bit when Jade opened the door and before me stood a gorgeous woman with THE sweetest and most beautiful of babes within her arms... She led me inside and I stood in the foyer of an equally beautiful home, every detail finely tuned, lovingly chosen and placed... Even the family pooch was perfect!

This photogs dream came true!  

As rain spilled down the windows and cloud flattened the light within their stunning home, with her little sweep of hair and her beautiful eyes, its safe to say Miss Mila stole the show, and when she smiled that sweet smile at her beautiful Mama Bear, well let's just say I was a bit enamored by the connection... I saw Jade relish in her, soak in the moments, smitten by her sweetest most cherished creation.  I won't go on... because these moments stand on their own...