In 50 years, the most photographed generation in history will have no pictures.  Print what you want to preserve ~ Missy Mwac


It's no secret we all love a digital package.  We can share so easily with our loved ones on social networking sites, tag the people we love, we have the files and can print and reprint as often as we like, for all of eternity . . . coffee table books and calendars for the family, beautiful Christmas cards once per year, canvas for the wall . . . however, it rarely ever comes to fruition.  Most of us end up coveting a USB within a drawer at home, and never print anything once that initial excitement of the session wears off.  It simply becomes something we will do later.  But we don't.

I encourage you to print, and I mean print EVERY . SINGLE . IMAGE as soon as you can, even just as 5x7, have something beautiful and tangible that you can grab out, and hold, and touch and feel and connect with daily.  These are your memories, and your moments and they deserve a real physical place within your space.  

Don't you remember that feeling, of flicking through your pile of prints back in the day? There's something really special about it and even today, we all get a rush of excitement and nostalgia when we stumble upon that box of prints at a relatives house, of moments we haven't thought about in years.

You will receive high resolution files in any package you choose to purchase when you book a session with me, and this means you have the rights and ability to print whenever, wherever you like.  However, it is my personal recommendation that you do order prints via me, because the prints I source are of the most beautiful quality, they will print exactly the way you see on your computer screen, because my equipment is set up to match that of my preferred print lab.  I don't take printing lightly, I have sourced the most amazing quality papers, printing and service.  I have your prints couriered from Queensland for a reason, and because you are already purchasing full print packages and purchasing your high resolution files, I offer you printing at my cost price.  

If you have a session with me, do consider professional printing, it truly does make all the difference to the end product.  I want your moments to look as beautiful to you tomorrow and next year, as they felt to you when I captured them.  I know when the courier arrived at my door with this little stack of my own moments, I could have kissed him!

So if you're getting ready to book your session, lets chat about your printing options!