As I wrap up a beautiful session, and the moments that melted my heart and fill my camera come to a close, my clients will thank me for capturing the real, the essence of them, the raw, unedited, unfussy, no frills, no posing LIFE that unfolded in the hours prior.  They will thank me for the memories and tell me they are so glad they did it this way, it suited them more than the traditional studio portraits.

But once in a while, in the midst of all of this, a question will come from somewhere in the distance...

"Can we please just also grab one for the wall"

Oh, my dear sweet beautiful clients who came to me to capture your perfectly beautiful real, raw, unscripted moments... I just captured OH SO MANY for your wall.  All of it, the entanglement, the emotion, the love, the laughter, the truth of YOU, all of the MOMENTS have a place of their own within your space... they are ALL for the wall, and now there are just so many beautiful and unique ways to share them.

I am forever sourcing THE most amazing print products to share with you, that I feel speak volumes for your voice and fit your home and personal style, that allow the moments I captured to speak loudly and proudly for themselves.  The wall doesn't have to be savoured for the traditional pose, is that not everything we are attempting to undo here? Is that not why you fell in love with my work and chose me to capture your memories?

Here I present to you just a handful of the stunning new product available to you when you book your session with me - Photoblocks.

Photoblocks are stunning timber blocks imposed with your moments, custom hand crafted and finished, carefully sanded and "aged" so each piece is unique, treated for longevity and shipped across the world just for you. 

There is a vast array of STUNNING options available, from round, to oval, to square and rectangle, single statement pieces and full wall gallery layouts.  I can also design beautiful typography to add to the mix!

So if you're an existing client, or getting ready to book, get in touch and we will chat about the perfect Photoblock options to suit your needs!