You know when you meet someone new and you just kind of click in a way that's almost beyond belief but also just so perfect that you aren't even surprised because it just simply feels like it has always been?  That's what happened here.  I couldn't tell you if we connected so much over flying solo in this beautiful, awesome chaos that is single Motherhood, the way she and Huddy remind me of those earlier days in my own journey, juggling business calls with a little one on your hip, living life in an adrenaline fuelled blur for lack of sleep and living amidst a pile of blankies and Lego and cuddles and tears and laughter and having all you ever needed in that little space with that little person who holds your whole entire heart within theirs...  Or if we connected simply because our stories and hearts are much the same.  But I am glad we did.  Reecie is a most beautiful woman, with a heart of gold and her love for Huddy is just tangible.  Their home bares a stamp of childhood in every corner, Hudson in every inch of Reecie's world... She has this amazing way of balancing that free range let him grow his wings kind of courage to stand back with her innate desire to protect and nurture.  She is a natural mother, and Huddy adores her.  They truly are quite a pair and it was such an honor to spend a morning in within their gorgeous home, sharing and capturing their moments.