Home is any place where your soul feels at rest, where your heart feels full and your body feels safe. Home is the place that calls you, no matter where you are.

I have actually never had so much difficulty putting a post together as I have with this one.  In part it was in finding the words to articulate how I felt about every portion of the session , and about this family, and it was also in attempting to sift through and narrow down the moments that I wanted to share.  Because I could share them all. Every. Last. One.

This was a little different to the other beach sessions you might find throughout my work... it was more than a pretty sunset or sand between our toes.  It was oh so much more than JUST a pretty backdrop.  You see, this beach, this whole island, is every bit this family's home.  As Annette and I talked through planning their family session with me, the words explore and adventure arose many a time, and it soon became evident that the outdoors, our beautiful island, was every bit as much a part of their home as what is inside their four walls... its an extension of their home, and a massive part of their every day and the way they live.  And so, it was so important to me to truly incorporate every inch of the space around them within their memories, to show them within their space, in their environment, wrapped in light, colour, sea air, sunset and the landscape that is theirs.

Together they walk, adventure, explore, learn, admire and grow. 

They LIVE and love every inch of this space they call home, in a way that I just fell entirely in love with.  It truly was the most beautiful thing to watch, a family of four truly soul deep in love with their surroundings, busy, energetic, soaking every inch of every moment in and just living life to its fullest.  

Annette speaks of just how hard Russell works as the local Veterinarian and what a wonderful loving, hands on father he is, and Russell looks upon the three beauties in his life as if he just might be the most blessed man on Earth, and he just may be!

Annette just kind of floored me, she is so beautiful, SO fit, healthy, kind, such a beautiful loving mother and wife, and just oh-so-on-top-of-everything.  You know those women who just kind of seem like they must have found the secret to having a million hours in their day? That's Annette!  And of course, their girls just stole a little piece of my heart with their gentle hearts and inquisitive minds. 

Upon the sand, surrounded by sea and salt and wind, I watched so many beautiful moments unfold, connections bound in sharing knowledge and affection. The Watsons are just the most loving, beautiful, busy family and I truly hope I was able to capture the true essence of their being in their home, just as much as they captured my heart as I sat back and watched them make memories.



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