past tense: entwined; past participle: entwined

1. wind or twist together; interweave.

"they lay entwined in each other's arms"

synonyms:wind round, twist round, coil round, wrap round, weave, intertwine,interlink, interlace, interweave, interthread, crisscross, entangle, tangle;

I could search for them all day, but I am not entirely certain I would ever find the perfect words.  Whole, fulfilled, raw, honest, interlocked, complete, entwined . . .  This family is all interwoven, a kind of binding honesty, if you like. Everyone within their home is deeply a part of every moment, and when even the family pets are so deeply entangled within the mix, you know its just something really special.  

It is as though everything and everyone orbits Roxanne, she is a centre, a core, and everything flows within her magnetic pull.  It is so easy to see, from the way that Andre looks upon her face, to the way her children simply just slip into a calm place within her reach.  She is a natural mother, and partner, in every fibre of her being.  She is their Goddess.   

And if ever I had to describe a Goddess, it would indeed be this beautiful, enlightened, powerful woman who recently became my hero when she delivered the divine Zen Wolf in the car, on the side of the Bass Coast Highway, into the hands of his loving father, Andre.  In spending time within Roxanne and Andre's beautiful home yesterday I was witness to so many beautiful tender, authentic moments.  When Roxanne talks about her little family, she speaks of the love Andre has for them all, but specifically how Zen's recent arrival, safely into Andre's own hands in this most unexpected, beautiful, intimate welcome to the world, has even more deeply rooted an already beautiful bond with each of them.  This is what I wanted to capture... The way Roxanne looks upon her family.  

You see, it is something deeper than the love this family share, it is in their knowing, their familiarity, their genuine understanding of one another, THAT is where the connection deepens.  They watch, they listen, they share... and every moment of their days, every tiny detail of who they are is safely heard and nurtured within the walls of their home.  They are all entwined, interwoven, connected.  I could type all day and still likely never quite find the right words . . . but a picture speaks a thousand . . . 

Welcome to the world Zen Wolf, welcome to a beautiful family, and a beautiful life . . .