It were as if I were not there, as she nestled in his arms, lost herself in his eyes... when I think back on it now, I think of those timelapse films, you know the ones, where there is one still subject in the centre and the world rushes on by... That is Zoe and Adam... at least that is how I see them.  The Universe is chaotic, busy, rushing...  but then, there they are, still, quiet... nestled into the safest haven, the  familiarity and fullness of their love.

I could hear the gentlest whisper... as they sang to one another, the gentlest, softest tune...

"a little tough love and gentle touch, the more I struggle the more I'm stuck.  the less I speak the more I know, the fast I move the slower I go.  I will go to the volcano.  melt my heart in mauna kea's snow"

eyes dancing from one anothers eyes, to lips, and back again... hands holding, fingers entwined.  This is what it means, to be ONE.

This is just a tiny peek of the beauty yet to come